play an exciting brand of rock & roll -- guitar-driven rock& roll with a sassy and powerful singer. They started as an outgrowth of the Saturn V featuring Orbit. When Orbit moved to his undisclosed location for reasons of national security, the boys wanted to keep playing and asked longtime guest vocalist Jessica to join full time. They also asked longtime pal Rick "Moonfruit" Kvoriak to lend his guitar virtuosity to the mix. The outcome is a symphonic masterpiece of aural delight.


Litigation specialist by day, rock & roll singer by night, Jess practically paid for law school with her earnings from gigs at such noted San Francisco night spots as the Million Cellar, the Off Broadway, the El Cid and the Club Hangover. Nice work, barrister. J-Ru created a new dance called The Motion, which is taking the law-talking community by storm. She attended Ramapo Senior High School (home of the Griffons) in Rockland County, New York.


The "Disaster on the Jazzmaster" has been kicking around the San Francisco music scene for more years than he cares to remember. He counts Wig Torture, the Statesiders, the Phantom Surfers, the Sugar King Boys, the Rusty Nails, and the Scubamen as just some of the bands for which he has been a string buster. Johnny also likes to play the saxophone. JB likes to play baseball and is a fan of the Kansa-delphia Athletics of Oakland. He's a graduate of Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, Calif.


Rick "Moonfruit" Kvoriak was a founding member of Orbit and the Purple Knifs. He's a native of Ohio and points out that Ohio is the only state in the union with a pennant as a state flag. Moonfruit (nee Meatball) attended the prestigious Cleveland High School For The Performing Arts. He likes the Cleveland Indians and shopping at the Housewives Market. He has twin sons. He prefers Gibson brand guitars.


A loyal Knight of Foothill High in Tustin, Sour played basketball and football before realizing that musicians have all the fun. He has been holding down the bottom end of San Francicso rhythm sections for eons. He enjoys hunting and fishing. Sour's favorite food is pollo en mole. He is a World Champion in many respects.


The medical man of the outfit hails from Burlingame, Calif. but attended Serra High in San Mateo. His religious studies at Serra enlightened him to the divinity of the Farfisa Organ as the one and only deity worthy of his worship. His medical practice (gastrointestinal) takes a back seat to his organ collection (next time you see Dr. Pat, ask him to show you his 12-inch Pianet). He loves to prescribe Alka-Seltzer to all his patients.



Drummers like this are a rare commodity. Sammy is punctual, responsible and can bring the ROCK and that's why everyone calls him the Baby Bull. He grew up in Morgan Hill, Calif. and graduated from Morgan Hill Polytechnical Prep. The youngster of the outfit, Sammy weighs in at 26 years old.

illustrations by chichiwan